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2011 NEC Changes :

August 7th, 2010 - The National Electrical Code 2011 Edition now changes the language for 250.8(A) Permitted Methods: Equipment grounding conductors, grounding electrode conductors and bonding jumpers shall be connected by one of the following means: (1) Listed pressure connectors (2) Terminal bars (3) Pressure connectors listed for grounding and bonding equipment (4) Exothermic welding process (5) Machine screw-type fasteners that engage not less than two full threads in the enclosure (6) Thread forming machine screws that engage not less than two threads in the enclosure (7) Connections that are part of a listed assembly (8) Other listed means. The Kenny Clamp complies with this requirement.

All you need to know about the Kenny Clamp :

August 7th, 2010 - The Kenny Clamp is a UL listed grounding and bonding connector. The Kenny Clamp bonds the enclosure of a service panelboard, load center, separately derived system or switchboard to the grounding electrode conductor or to a metallic raceway, a 250.8 and 250.64(E) NEC application. The Kenny Clamp fits through a 1/2" knock out or punched hole. There are 15 sizes, each size is fitted with a internal compression fitting sized for the appropriate conductor. The 3/4" connector is UL listed and fits through a 3/4" knock out or punched hole. 3/4" connector is listed for both copper or aluminum, ALCU. When purchasing, you should request the appropriate size based on grounding electrode conductor sized being used, Table 250.66 NEC identifies the required grounding electrode conductor sizes. UL 67 list bonding screws for residential panelboard at 30 amperes. Don't rely on the bond screw for ground-fault continuity.